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CME Futures Analysis 29.05.2022 + video

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​​​​​​​​Hello TVT traders! Let's look how amazing the second week in raw was with settled priorities and predictions.

🔻 Look at S&P500 (ES) ! During 5 days our target was absolutely achieved. The strong imbalance that occurred after the breakdown of the 3850 support level was greatly respected. For now, we observe new ask imbalances, which moved the price higher. I want you to measure the divergence of CD and CDQ on May 17. The quantitative delta +6,5K of market buys but at the same time the volume of CD was -13K shorts. It is often called advance purchases, which work like a magnet for future recovery and the price can go even higher. The second chance to enter longs was after returning to 3900 and stopping HFT volumes and hedging in Put options. The only way to enter with a high risk-reward ratio is to accept the local fear. 

🔻 Our next target was 1.07 in Euro (6E) and it was violated no worse than the previous one1.06. And as I told you in my previous video, the levels on which we see huge block trades are very important for the price. And 1.075 was really respected this week. Also now we are in the zone of the least options payouts and the price came here and I think till July 3 it will stay near this zone. 
All this movement before was thanks to funds, which accumulated 36K contracts long position, and we - swing traders can use this market inefficiencies to make our profit.

🔻 Only Oil (CL) gives us an opportunity according to the scenario which we predicted before. After the move to the upside we have a very very strong ASK imbalance. As always stops the involvement and the next week we can simply move the 111 volume structure and then even lower to 107. We had a good divergence between CDQ vs. CD so the battle is in full swing.

So, as a result, my beforehand trading priority is only Oil (CL) sell. Let's be more reactive and not predictive next week.

See more information in video ⬇️

Have a nice Sunday!

(Previously published in TVT School)

Sincerely, Taras Sviatun
Team Trading Volume Terminal