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The perfect Sugar trade + video

Good day, TVT Traders!

That week was very interesting, and we will observe it and make predictions for the next one.

🔻 The trade of the week is Sugar (SB), I took this trade and it is really peculiar and I want to explain to you why! First of all, it is totally according to the earlier prepared plan, also it has a clear logic. Stops which are confirmed by HFT volumes, then involvement, which is also confirmed by 2150 contracts that passed in 17 seconds chain, then technical structure confirmation and reversal. The advantage of HFT volume chains is that we enter before everyone understands the picture. Here we saw also the biggest cluster volumes on the daily wick, (you can set the auto filter in clusters/ticks settings and press hotkey “F” to visualize them on the chart.) As well, it totally mirrors the situation which we had on the previous bottom. 

🔻 The next one is Euro (6E), in my previous review this target of 1.02725 was established with pure accuracy. Big HFT Volumes and big option deals again helped us to set the right priority - it was a level of zero traded volume on the volume profile scale. The price closed below it on Friday. And while it stays below the big Ask HFT volumes which were created on Tuesday, bears will dominate here. 

🔻 And as you remember that week we spoke that the Dollar index (DX) is tired to rise. And after breakdown and retest, it will go lower, as it really happened. For today, with the help of dynamic delta, I see that a lot of traders went sell in the dollar index in this range and that's why I expect that it will be some short squeeze to the upside.

🔻 Gold (GC) on Friday evening has found too many buyers in futures and options, this is the main reason why I think it will cool down the next week. 

🔻 Natural gas (NG) after its amazing uptrend has reached an important commercial level and if it punches this limit buyers' level - might go lower. The correction can be even to option payouts level and commercial level near 7$ price.

🔻 And I want to remind you about Copper (HG), the goal has been met according to my 1st scenario: “Longing opportunity up to 3.35 if the price will stay here on Monday open and will not go lower”. 

🔻 Coffee (KC) may show us a reversal to the upside next week and I will monitor the volume and price actions on Monday to catch the trade.

📹 Hope you will enjoy this 11 minutes of video I have recorded for you, 
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(Previously published in TVT School)

Sincerely, Taras Sviatun
Team Trading Volume Terminal

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