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Today I want to measure a Canadian Dollar (6C)

Good evening, traders!👋

Today I want to measure a Canadian Dollar (6C).

▪️ So we see how the price came to the solid technical support on the daily chart. (watch)
But look at significant block trades on the options market passed on strike 0,74.

▪️ Moreover, on the 15M chart, we also came to double strong volumetric support zone. (watch)
But what “stupid” guys sell in level by a large quantity of trades? (watch)
That hedge before the strong level on the options market and this algorithmic selling in a strong demand zone, tell us that with a high probability, it will be broken and the price will continue falling after some involvement of buyers. This signs of smart money actions help us to be more informed and to read the market more objectively.

So trade only that you understand and can explain to yourself. ☝️

I wish you a good and profitable week!👍

(Previously published in TVT School)

Sincerely, Taras Sviatun

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