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CME Futures Analysis 05.06.2022 + video

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​​​​​​​​​​Hello TVT traders!

🔻 Let's discuss Gold (GC). I see here a few strategies entry point in one bottle. 
Sell HFTs’ after green delta + limit buyer on top with OI increase on growth and then correction first of all to the direction of market sellers. I expect the movement to the limit buyer level on top and further. (See

🔻 Also, note that the British pound (6B) is attending 1,25 - the strong support zone now. And if I see selling HFTs’ under this zone it will be interesting to buy this asset to surf another long wave. (See

🔻 Copper (HG) shows us a good longing opportunity to target 4.7. That was unbelievable a month ago that the price ever go there, but it did. I even signed on the chart this direction at the beginning of May, but it was too early at that time. Now, this picture is clear enough for volume analysis buyers. (See

🔻 Also, I see a beautiful picture in the New Zealand dollar (6N). Very often when we see sell HFTs and strongly buy Delta it is the real market signal for the pullback. So I expect the uptrend continuation up to the 0.66 price level. (See

🔻 In the Platinum (PL) very strong effort of Bid Delta without result, it is the character of trend continuation (See

As a result, my trading priorities are:

Gold (GC) buy
British pound (6B) breakdown, then buy
Copper (HG) buy
New Zealand dollar (6N) buy
Platinum (PL) buy

We need to know exactly what we are looking for in the market and are ready to wait! 

📹 See more information in video ⬇️

Have a nice upcoming week!

(Previously published in TVT School)

Sincerely, Taras Sviatun
Team Trading Volume Terminal