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Sugar, Mexican peso and RWC final

Hello traders, hope you are doing well 👍

Today I see two opportunities in Sugar (SB) and the Mexican Peso (6M). Let's start with the second one.

● The last strong involvement of sellers in this asset was on level 0,05546$. It matches with the commercial level also, where hedgers added more than 20% of short contracts in the past.

Market maker absorbed this position and apparently unloaded it along the way to break out of market highs. (Watch)
Now all the passengers are liquidated and we are ready to take bearish 🐻 movement when the ice line will be broken.

● According to Sugar (SB) vice-versa I see the buying opportunity. 🦬

After the involvement of sellers created by bid HFT volumes on the market bottom and after the divergence of Deltas. If the bearish parabola will be broken on Monday, hope to see the movement to the 26$ price zone. (Watch)
I finished my participation in The Global Cup Trading Championship Futures2022-2023

with a result of 55,7%. Lost part of profit by the end of the competition, but the rank remained unchanged. (Watch)
Many traders who were at the top got there and disappeared after some time. Really I understood deeper the quote of Jessie Livermore.

After spending many years in Wall Street and after making and losing millions of dollars I want to tell you this: It never was my thinking that made the big money for me. It always was my sitting.

Though my sitting was caused by problems with electricity and the internet for a long period of time, but still 🫤

I wish you a wonderful week and to achieve your goals!

(Previously published in TVT School)

Sincerely, Taras Sviatun

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