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Platform for complex market analysis and successful trading

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аналитическая плафторма для трейдинга


About Trading Volume Terminal Platform

Automatic setting of volume levels

Analysis of Open Interest, Price, and Volatility Changes

TVT is a platform developed by actively practicing traders and, unlike other programs for detailed volume analysis, includes precisely those functions that are most important for analyzing futures markets and stocks.
Also, all that was missing from the practice when using other applications was added to it.

Visualization of large and fast volumes on the chart

Cumulative delta

"These are the functions that we personally use, and this is something without we couldn´t imagine our trading.»

These are the prices for which the most volume went through for all previous futures contracts) and setting target levels (forecasts that investment banks set for themselves and their clients by assets.

Shows who comes to market the most - sellers or buyers.

options on the most liquid instruments, such as Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, S & P 500, Gold, Silver, Oil, Natural Gas, Apple.

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Only the necessary and unique tools

Classic and unique options for successful trading
Volume profiles
Extended study of trading activity by day, week, month, and for any period specified by the user
Cumulative delta
shows the difference between the market buy and sell orders, cumulative from the beginning of the selected period
The "Multichart" function allows you to simultaneously explore a large number of graphs in one window, as well as to identify the discrepancy of paired (highly correlated) assets.
Allowed to see the reserve of movement of the instrument, identify the entry points near the turns and correctly arrange the stack.
Open interest
Tracks the number of open futures contracts, as well as their dynamics
HFT volumes
This is access to market orders with all their properties. Identify the zones of panic activity, stop order levels, deals of market-makers and large traders
Auto levels
Important levels of support and resistance are set automatically. In particular, the goals of large investment banks, the most significant areas of volume procurement in futures contracts, as well as Murray levels.
Option Strikes
For the most liquid assets combined with graphical analysis. Option prices, option strikes and open interest on them are displayed directly on the futures chart.
Smile volatility
A chart that shows the dynamics of prices for options in real time using the Black Scholes formula. Thus, we see in which direction professional market participants consider the most likely movement .
Turnkey solutions
Use ready-made strategies tested on real money and use professional indicators for successful trading.
Option Payments
Use ready-made strategies tested on real money and use professional indicators for successful trading.
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I have been using TVT for half a year already. I've been trading for a couple of years, indices, forex, metals. From the pros: everything superfluous was removed, the support was helped to deal with the settings, after training they gave working settings and explained how to use them in a changing market. The training structured my trading and helped simplify it. Of the minuses: constantly updated, it annoys me a little, but this is probably because I have enough of what I have. And so some new tips are constantly being added, I have not figured out everything yet.
Alexandr Kuznetsov
I started using it couple months ago, I immediately bought a package with training - at the beginning they clarified that I know where I would like to improve, and started training, quickly figured out the TVT functionality, and adjusted my hardware to the functions in TVT, it became safely to trade. Since this is not the main type of activity, I can't sit at the computer all the time, but the function of alerts to mail for HFT volumes and levels allows you to react only at the right moments and check with their patterns.
Andrey 30 years old, 1 year of trading experience
I use TVT platform using target levels. This helps in my strategy to more accurately place pending orders for entry and exit from positions. Support service is not very good, but generally satisfied.
Eugene 30 years old, 4 years in trading, Indices, Forex, Futures
I have been using the analytical platform TVT for a year and a half. This is a super product for any trader. Thanks to the HFT search engine and volume levels improved its entry points. I like that there is nothing superfluous, all the functionality has been created for comfortable trading.

Yevgeny Samus
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Our team
More than 10 years of trading, founder and trader of TVT Wealth Management, risk manager of Dampt Trading Group
I consider trading a forms of entrepreneurship. This is a business. Applying TVT, I improved my trading performance, which is based on mathematical market models and decision making psychology, I began to see the market better.
13 years of trading experience at CME, NYSE, MICEX. Head of Trading Desk at TVT Wealth Management. Worked as a trader in the fund Wellington LTD, a leading analyst at Beehive Analytical, Markets.
Financial markets are the most advanced environment. Understanding the need to take advantage of them, we began to introduce my achievements and algorithms into the Trading Volume Terminal software product. Get the advantage of trading with TVT.
Over 10 years of experience in CME, NYSE, Forex trading,
Head of trading desk CryptoSmart, the most progressive and profitable trader TVT Capital 2017, 2018, 2019. Author Correlation TVT Strategy
As a proponent of high-frequency trading, I'm sure that making a profit can only be provided with a competent analysis of real trading volumes. Use prepared templates and built-in functions in TVT will allow to earn money not only for professionals but for novice traders as well. Using TVT to predict the behavior of large players has become much easier and successfully.
We take part in the coolest events for traders like speekers and organizers
We hold our workshops for thousands of traders.
Online and offline
Always ready to help you with the most difficult situations on maket.
And give you complete and real information
What is a Trading Volume Terminal?
TVT is a program for comprehensive analysis of market data and finding the best solutions on the market.
Where to download TVT?
To download the platform and get an access password, click on the link.
Have a mobile version of the platform?
The volume of market data and the scale of algorithmic solutions make it impossible to use our analytical platform on mobile devices. Nevertheless, informative notifications about what is happening on the market come to mobile mail.
Is there a free trial version of the program?
Yes there is. It´s functionality is not limited by anything, however, the time of its use is 3 days.
What are the markets in TVT?
The standard version presents CME futures for indices, commodities, currencies, metals, the most liquid NYSE stocks and futures of the Russian MOEX exchange.
For customers who are with us for a long time - in the Long package, it is possible to connect any market data.
What payment methods do you accept?
Through the site you can pay for the program using credit / debit cards Visa and Mastercard. You can also pay by bank transfer, using QIWI, WebMoney, PayPal and cryptocurrency systems.
Is it possible to pay by bank transfer?
Yes, payment by bank transfer is possible, for this please contact us by mail at support@tvt.expert or by any other ways specified in the contact section.
What is in the paid version, which is not in the free version?
The free test version has absolutely full functionality for work. However, in the paid version, depending on the package, you have a set of free consultations with a practicing trader, training, and the ability to request certain market data for a particular stock, futures, etc.
How to use TVT?
In your account, you can download instructions for using the program, also watch video tutorials on YouTube and get advice from our expert and trader.
Does TVT have cryptocurrencies?
There are cryptocurrencies that are traded on the futures exchange, today it is only Bitcoin.
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