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Candle Delta

Candle delta shows not only the volume of trades, but also their quantity at the same moment. This allows you to see exactly what large players are doing now, with the help of algorithms (which often divide orders into a large number of small ones).
In addition, you can understand how actively traders are ready to buy/sell, in order not to miss good price, and what limit players do at the same time.
The direction of least resistance for the price depends on results of the initiative market buyers/sellers create.

The moment of opening a deal is the key for all traders, and quite often when we are trying to buy top or sell bottom, dozens or even hundreds of traders want to do it at the same time. Candle delta help us not to get in this traps.

The world is huge, and liquid instruments can be counted on fingers. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the balance of power between buyers and sellers.
What other traders are doing and how the price reacts, is there an absorbation of all denand/supply at this moment.
Candle delta
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Cumulative Delta-Price-OI Interpritation
Here you will find options for interpreting the cumulative delta, prices, open interest and possible tactics for your actions.
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