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Volume Profile. Market Profile.

This is the number of contracts, shares, and bonds that were bought or sold at a certain time at a certain price. Its dynamics during determine the significance and strength of the upcoming price movement.
The largest traders, institutional investors, hedge funds, investment banks, national banks, and, of course, market makers, have special advantages in the implementation of exchange trading because they have huge liquidity amount, sometimes even unlimited. The disadvantage of their actions is that it is difficult to be unnoticed.

Volume gives us an understanding of: at what price levels large players enter (or exit) the market and what interest they have and at what prices they are interested. They trade in large volumes, enter and exit the market at their most value-efficient moments, buying during downtrends and selling during uptrends. This allows for a better average entry price as they often trade against the rest of the financial markets.
Market Profile, Horizontal Volume

The market profile is the horizontal volumes traded at each price, which reflects the trading activity in a certain price range, where the strength of bulls and bears is almost the same.

The length of the line shows us the size of the trading volume. This range is commonly called a flat or consolidation area. For the price to move, "fuel" is needed, and often that is, the money of non-professional traders (crowds), which try to catch a trend. Imagine how many traders from the whole world are involved in this battle.

Smart money will do this accumulation in a certain range in order to collect his position. It will be difficult for him to immediately sell or buy a volume that exceeds the norm for the selected asset. There may not be enough liquidity, and its purchase will stretch over a price range. Therefore, the positions of such players are traditionally collected in a certain area of consolidation. Both buyers and sellers are trapped there, and after the required volume is reached, the real movement occurs.

Total volume (Vertical Volume)

Display the quantity of shares/contracts for a certain period of time. The Total volume histogram sums up the volume of each candle for all prices for the selected time interval. If in a long and narrow flat we see a sharp surge in volumes, two or more times bigger than previous periods, with a strong rapid movement at the exit from the flat area, then this most likely indicates the formation of a trend movement in this direction.

Strong growth of vertical volumes on a trend is an alarming factor, especially if the trend continues for some time after. This usually indicates a possible quick change in direction of movement. It is not a fact that in this situation it is necessary to rush for short, but it is very advisable to close longs. A gradual or even sharp decline in vertical volumes on a trend is rather a neutral signal in terms of making a decision for a trader.

Average Volume Profile (ATP Average Trade Profile)

The Average Volume Per Trade Profile is a unique tool developed by TVT traders. It gives us the opportunity to see not just the volume, but how big money is involved in it in the total mass of participants. Despite the fact that you can clearly see a strong increase in ATP volume at the extremums and enter into a deal at the best price.

Optimal parameters have also been developed for receiving email notifications when such situations occur, so as not to miss anything and quickly respond to the pattern. If the standard volume profile shows us the balance zone, in which the price will wish to get, then the average volume profile per trade, on the contrary, shows the extreme imbalance, and at what point on the chart will be set as the border of the future range.
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