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Cumulative Delta

Cumulative delta is one of the most important indicators for a trader.
The indicator calculates the difference between buy and sell market orders, with a cumulative total from the beginning of the selected period. Cumulative delta_daily shows the dynamics of delta accumulation during the day.
Fast change in the volume of the delta indicates is high probability of early change in direction of movement. Very helpful are moments of divergence between price and delta. Also important match it with open interest.

When the value of asset decreases with rapidly growing delta, there is high probability of movement reversal or at least rebound. The same scenario can be realized if prices are in range while the delta is growing rapidly.
Very interesting is the situation when the crowd in a panic dumps their long positions and starts selling, while prices are standing still. It can be in small or wide range, not importante.

But we know, that such combination, can provoke the short squeeze. This happens when big player pushes the price in the opposite direction to trigger buy-stop orders. (picture.)

Often happens when there is an oversupply, and in order to go down, it is necessary to "kill" passengers.
Therefore, in order to make good decisions, it is very necessary to use the cumulative delta.

How to work with DELTA, configure them and use them correctly
by Expert TVT Sviatun Taras

Cumulative Delta-Price-OI Interpritation
Here you will find options for interpreting the cumulative delta, prices, open interest and possible tactics for your actions.

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