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Levels help to see the direction of the trend and the potential of movement of the asset, determine the entry points near the turns, and correctly place stops.

In our opinion, the most significant levels that affect assets are set by large market participants or traded in large volumes. The advantage of TVT is that such levels, at your choice, are set automatically for each asset, and even simultaneously on all assets, you select. Levels are used by traders at different time intervals. Large time frames, such as H4, D1, and higher, remain the most important, but it is wise to look for a more jewelry entry point on smaller timeframes, such as H1, M30, M15, M5.

For scalpers, it will be important to watch the retracements from levels on the timeframe tick or 1M.
Volume levels

Volume levels are a unique indicator that automatically determines the most important levels of support and resistance, given the areas where the largest volumes of futures contracts and shares of companies have passed.

Since this is the largest volume profile for the entire contract, it is rare that the price does not respond to them.
Auto volatility levels

Auto levels fast are an indicator of building levels for trading in commodities (oil, gold, other metals, raw materials), as well as futures for stock indices and shares of companies.

The principle of operation of the indicator is similar to the Murray levels, the main levels of the range are highlighted in color, additional ones are displayed in gray lines. Slow is a period of 128 bars, fast 78 bars.

Auto levels slow an indicator of building levels for trading mainly in currency futures, given the peculiarities of their movement and volatility.
Target levels (Bank levels)

Target levels - display of the average forecast of large investment banks for the next 3, 6 and 12 months on liquid assets. Most often, these levels are of the greatest interest to large traders, they work like magnets, can both strongly attract and repel prices from themselves. Therefore, their use as a guide will give you a significant advantage in building a trading strategy
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