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Charts. 7+ types of charts.

7 types of charts, online tick quotes from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Nasdaq, Moex, RTS

Charts reflect the general behavior of stock players over a certain period of time. At the moment, bulls are buying, bears are selling, and someone is in the process of making a decision. Each price in this case is the result of these interactions.

The Trading Volume Terminal platform provides tick charts, clusters, bid/ask charts together with simple line charts, bars, candles, and Heiken Ashi charts to combine physics and mathematics of the market.
Line Chart

In TVT, it differs significantly from other platforms, as it displays accurate, but smoother price movements. This type of chart is the simplest available and, unlike the classic chart (at the closing price), it shows the updated high and/or low of the price. It is mainly used for overlaying several charts in one window: "Multichart" option.

Also, the most classic option for displaying prices is a bar chart - this is a type of chart that displays the opening price, closing price, minimum and maximum prices (also called OHLC) over a certain period of time.

Cluster chart

The advantage of the cluster chart is that we can see large injections that can support or reverse the trend, creating a serious support or resistance line within the cluster.

A cluster is a bar for a certain period of time, where tick volumes for each price are summed up, and in this case, we essentially see the following: price change for a certain period, volume injections for each price in this period, the total volume of the cluster.
Tick chart

A tick chart is a linear representation of rate changes with an accuracy of one tick.

A tick chart is characterized by the fact that it shows each new quote value. This chart is not tied to a fixed time axis. This is the most detailed view of volumes and price changes. You can track at what points the major players are holding the market or trying to push in the direction they need.

Here we can observe each important volume and its direction.
Bid/Ask chart

Bid Ask chart is a detailed interpretation of the cluster chart according to the number of contracts that passed at the Bid or Ask price. Also, with the help of backlighting, you can immediately see the advantage in the direction of buyers or sellers at each price.

This information is important in order to understand who is moving the price, limit or market buyers? If there are limits, then the majority of transactions will take place at the Bid price in the area of the bottom of the bars, while the price will grow. If market buyers are active, then most transactions will naturally take place at Ask prices. This type of chart is great for scalpers and intraday traders. It is also useful for those who work with levels, as it allows you more accurately to see the actions of traders when they are reached.
Japanese candles

Japanese candlesticks provide useful information about market sentiment or possible reversals by presenting price movement in a special graphical way.

The use of classic reversal patterns of Japanese candlesticks, such as "doji" or "absorption" in combination with a vertical volume histogram "cumulative delta", allows you to determine the turning points of the chart. Can be used on different timeframes.

Heiken Ashi Candles

They display the presence and direction of a trend, filter out false signals, and show a possible trend reversal.

Long candles with long shadows in the direction of the trend always tell us that the trend is strong now.

When the trend fades, you can observe that the candles with shadows also become smaller. Small candles (often with shadows in both directions) serve as a reversal signal, and the trend change itself is indicated by candles of the opposite color with a shadow in the opposite direction.
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