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CОT reports

With the help of COT reports from CFTC, we are now able to analyze in detail the direction and open interest for "longs" and "shorts" of the main participants in the market auction and make middle-term forecasts.
Data visualization is available as a line graph and histogram as seen above.
The indication of the classification of participants, the size of positions, and the percentage change compared to the previous period are also shown in the chart above.

The report is presented in two formats:
1️⃣ Simple (Aggregated report).
2️⃣ Extended (Disaggregated report).

The data includes combined statistics for futures and options. Both instruments fully characterize the sentiment of futures market participants. We know that volume alone does not determine which group of participants is making trades, as it is only a measure of the activity of traders. Accumulation of positions can be determined using open interest, which is published after the close of the American session at 01.00 GMT.

Also, until the COT report is released, we can see the direction of the accumulated positions in "real-time" mode using the Cumulative Delta, HFT volumes.
At the same time, it is possible to get the final information about who is behind the set of volume, open interest, and delta only from the official statistics of the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission).

Such data are published at 19.30 GMT on Friday and reflect the situation on Tuesday. And this is the only tool available to a trader to analyze the sentiment of groups of participants such as hedgers, institutional investors, market makers, and small speculators.

We are confident that a comprehensive analysis of the market will help you and me to compete on a par with professional participants and generate profits!
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