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In the TOP 5 traders at the Robbins Cup World Trading Championship

Hello dear traders, this week I entered top 5 best traders in the world 🥳 this is forex section combined.

As you know Larry Williams participated in Robbins World Cup, so you can trust this information and check it.

This year I started this competition which began on June 1, and honestly, I am very happy to see my result on this list today.

During this competition of course I use the same methods and tools of volume analysis and order flow analysis that I give you in my market reviews and forecasts.

My main trade was platinum which I gave you in this market review

Thank you fo everybody who support us and to my students which helped me to undestand better my own strategies! TVT traders are the best traders in the world 👏💪🤝

Sincerely, Taras Sviatun

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