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⚡️ Is it possible to predict the future?

Good evening, Traders!

Is it possible to predict the future?

Sometimes chaos on the market dissipates and the future seems to be rather clear.

When I see the results of my predictions like it was in Corn (ZC) it seems to me that I know what's around the corner.

Before everything happened I wrote, that

‘’I assume that we will reach the 467,75 price level and touch all the liquidity that is concentrated under the demand zone (473-475). And I put my alert there. (Watch)
And only then the price will go to the upside, as hedgers are very active in buying wheat from trend-following hedge funds for such a cheap opportunity.”

The most amazing thing is that it happened tick by tick in accordance with the forecast.

Moreover, there was a tick chain Bids imbalance, which could be used as an entry point. (Watch)
Plus additional imbalance of options put block trades (D1), which often happen in reversal points, especially in commodity markets.

The logical target where the market maker could totally unload this position was also achieved with accuracy dollar to dollar.

I don’t imagine how it is possible to make such conclusions without using order-flow analysis and the principle which is based on acting as a market maker.

(Previously published in TVT School)

Sincerely, Taras Sviatun

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