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⚡️ Today found a potential opportunity in the Australian dollar (6A)

Good evening, traders

I returned from vacation and today found a potential opportunity in the Australian dollar (6A).

On Frіday the price rejected the strong level of resistance on the daily chart and big volumes went short according to delta and HFTs’ Bid imbalance. But a bit earlier we saw algorithmic purchases in the South direction which we can observe with the help of quantitative cumulative delta (CDQ), and they expected that the daily level of resistance would be broken. To my mind, after the last involvement of sellers, we can really see a breakout attempt of those levels. But for now, It is not allowed for the price to go lower than 0,63375 as that definitely will mean that current limit support is not strong enough to protect our stop-loss. If it is strong, the target I expect on 0,6407 price level.

In the last big tick chain which was absorbed by Marketmaker, we have a duration of 4 seconds 581 milliseconds and 86% preponderance of trades by market sellers. (Watch)

(Previously published in TVT School)

Sincerely, Taras Sviatun

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