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🤩 Friends, we have a major update! Meet 🤩

➥ Cryptocurrencies of the Binance exchange BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, LTC/USDT are integrated. Aggregated ticks of the futures section (Watch).
The tick history has been uploaded for the last year and a half, we can add it upon request. We also accept offers for other cryptocurrency pairs.

➥ Added indicators “Clusters finder 1, 2” to search for significant cluster volumes (Watch).
You can find the interpretation of the cluster search engine fields in the instructions (Watch).
➥ “Magnifier” was changed and modified (Watch).
➥ The design of the upper menu panel and tab panel was changed (Watch).
Instructions for the update:

1) You need to uninstall the TVT platform;

2) Download the installation file of TVT from the site (no registration, just download);

3) Install TVT;

4) Enjoy the updated version.
P.s. The negative news is that all workspaces must be set up from scratch. But we look at it positively, as it will refresh the look at the charts and provide an opportunity to cut off all unnecessary for making new trading decisions.

Taras shares with you his workspace with settings (Download).

You can paste it into the C:\TVT\Settings_\WorkSpaces directory and upload it to your platform.

Enjoy using the platform,

Regards, Trading Volume Terminal
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